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Simplest method for 3D Cell Culture

Grow Hundreds of Spheroids with One MISO chip.


Our technology is used by:



Grow Tumor Spheroids

  • In large amount;

  • From your favorite cell-lines;

  • With minimum manipulations.

Grow Primary Tissues

  • From any living being;

  • With small biopsy sample;

  • To create efficient screening.

MISO designs microfluidic devices for simple and easy three dimensional cell culture. Scientists, students and physicians use them to study cancer cells in 3D. No experience in Lab-on-a-Chip needed.


Features Overview



Perfect in their simplicity, MISO devices offer scientists to leverage Lab-on-a-Chip technology and to combine it with their own skills and experience.

  • Use your same cell culture reagents and equipment with MISO Lab-on-a-Chip;

  • MISO chips can be used with microscopy, FACS, hyperspectral imaging and confocal microscopy;

  • Great for combination treatment studies and screenings. Radiotherapy compatible.

3D cell culture

Three dimensional cell culture is said to be more representative of in vivo cells. Especially when it comes to cancer, 3D cell models better mimic the tumor’s response to treatments. Take advantage of our devices to grow cancer cells in 3D and get new, predictive and relevant results. MISO micro devices enable:

  • Cell-cell interactions;

  • Non-perfused medium culture (no pumps needed) on low adherent surface;

  • Higher degree of cell structural complexity.

Scaling Laws Advantages

MISO uses microfluidic principles to create products that offer a new way to study cancer.

  • Less than 500 µL of reagents needed for your cell culture;

  • With Micro-Dissected Tissue (MDT) you can test many conditions from a biopsy sample;

How it works?


Contact Us

MISO is based in Montreal within its lively startup ecosystem and academia. For any questions or requests, if you wonder how you can integrate 3D cell culture into your project, feel free to get in touch with us and we will answer you quickly.


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