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Perfect in their simplicity


MISO Chips

Our micro devices are made entirely of PDMS, a transparent and oxygen-permeable polymere ideal for cell culture and analysis. Cells can be cultured for up to 14 days whitin the MISO chips. We differentiate them into two categories: Spheroid Culture Chips and Tumor Culture Chips.


Spheroid Chips

Grow spheroids from cell lines with the ability to aggregate. Formation and treatment of spheroids are done all in one device. Simply seed the chip with a suspended cells solution and wait for spheroid formation. Cells will sediment in the low-adherent wells and aggregate to form spheroids. Then apply different treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy to get 3D cell data.


Tumor Chips

MISO Tumor Chips enable the ex vivo culture of primary tissues. Whether the sample comes from an animal xenograph or a human tumor biopsy, our microfluidic devices let you test personalized treatments and screenings.

Starting with the biopsy, users dissect the sample into Micro-Dissected Tumors (MDT) small enough to fit in the wells and insert them in the chip with a simple pipette manipulation.



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One pipetting step never meant so much.
— Étienne Laurent, MISO Chief Executive Officer